Money as Assuarance? The truth of Survival

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When we talk about Money, what first comes to our mind are necessities, needs, wishes, desires, and luxury. It is something generally people work for. It is something general mass is more focused on than that the other essential things in life. A basic concept is being made by all our parents and elders that money is a very important thing to have a normal life even if you earn a lakh package. Honestly, it is.

If we talk about values, sticking to our old-fashioned way of living and other simple one trackway to earn then it’s only going to end you heartbroken because in the era we are living today, it’s hardly next to impossible to have a single one-hand duty to earn sufficiently to settle for the rest of our lives. The time is getting tougher on not just youngsters but it is tougher and troublesome for an old generation who are not enough on the working capacity to earn and run the life with a simple 9 to 5 job.

It is said, that time gets great money if you stick by your own side. It won’t be wrong to say but it is nothing but a blunt and straight truth. If we look at the time of forty to fifty years back when our grandparents decided what our parents must do when it comes out that their generation never really got a chance to develop but stick on the same study routine to get enough of two bread to eat and live a content life. Well, the concept is not so anymore for now. When we talk to our youngsters now about what do they wish to do, it puzzles them a bit and sometimes the parents only decide to of IAS or Engineer or Doctor. Nowadays every parent puts their child into so many activities that when they grow they could either get the best-focused career of what they choose with the overall development or what has their parents chose to get their child done by the next 10 years.

It has become one such race where childhood is crushed and if it is not done then the future is crushed. In both ways, the child suffers.

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The point still remains strong of that, that if the race does not begin in early age, then it is often that some get distorted with the adolescence and forgets to choose the career with a carefree attitude that costs them in future and what doesn’t cost them for future makes it difficult for them now.

Money has become such a great deal that with the growing economy even a child has to be in the panel of racers with every young to old citizens that need to be shaped to become fine individuals into future and if they don’t do it, then it can be possible that they fail to meet their family and life expectations.

In every case, it is not wrong to say that in the race of whatever a story is of a child or old one has got; money pays the biggest assurance with the insurance.

Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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