The Ordinary Success and The Real Success – Both are in Your Hands

When we think of Success, what comes to our mind straight away is money. So let me ask a question to you, is money actually a success Or being successful in your dream is actually a success?

Let’s have a little peek into a century back when there wasn’t a race to earn a lot of money but to fulfill needs and have a content life. Let’s again have a peek to half a century back when the market was organizing for the race to begin. And Today, let’s see what we have become. What are we? Nothing more than mere puppets of greed to earn or someone who is for a need to earn. We are constantly hanging between need and greed and never really understand the meaning of true success.

Half of the population in today’s world is rushing over the starting line to survive somehow and half of the people have a greed to live a luxorious life. Let’s be silent and have a peek once again but a little deeper into our hearts and realize the fact that our dreams have become hobbies because we often see them difficult to pursue. We end up thinking of back-ups to have a good income but why is it not the one and ONLY thing and the main aim to put all our efforts into so full heartedly that we create one big dream of ours full of life, success, fame, and money?

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You have heard the stories and struggles of Sachin to Dhoni, from Huda Kattan to Arijit Singh, from Rabindranath Tagore to Miachle Jackson. It wasn’t an easy for them too if we take them as examples. Every dream has a struggle, every journey has lessons and we often realize it late. Sometimes we just know that we are excellent in a field but are scared enough to succeed because maybe we feel the race is too crowdy.

Parents often say, our child is brilliant in maths and science, we want him to get into engineering once he completes 12th grade. But many of these parents forget to ask what their kid wishes to do and judge the kids themselves and start making their future in grade 5 when they even don’t know the meaning of engineering.

It is not always necessary that those who do great in science and maths end up being great engineers. Sometimes these people do it for a good education and wish to pursue a dream of their own. Many parents forget to take these children into career counseling to help them choose and excel in the fields they can make great careers because career counseling is often seen as unnecessary whereas it is the main part of a child’s career.

This note is to everyone out there, to the people who wish to be a software engineer and may love to pursue the degree and it is also for those who possibly wish to become someone different and excel into the fields of bright future.

We say clichés like “Excellence ke peeche bhaago, success jhakk markey peeche ayegi” are too off-stream (3 Idiots). But the reality is quite the same.

We are into the race where we are told by our elders that what must be done in future that they judge if we are good at a particular subject. Pursuing Career and Pursuing Dream are two different things. Education is important for being literate but Dreams are something we can make into fine careers even if they are not related to education.

We live in a world where every person has a different dream. While some dream of being a Writer there are some who might dream of being a Model while some would love to create Software or become an Indian Administrative Official.

People are often seen complaining about life and the tough survival BUT if one has it clear of what life and what dream and what career one wants to make in next five to six years, life will be easy when you’ll turn around 20 years.

We live in a society which yet focuses on developing a respectful career rather than helping the other being respected for what career they have excellence in. We often fail to understand that respect comes with work and the kind of person you are but not from the high post jobs and vague reasons behind.

A person who sings beautifully might be respected for his work but a corrupt police official might not be respected even after being a policeman.

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The key to success might start in school but it is often judged perfectly when it is asked of what one wishes to be in the coming future. The key to success is not something that comes with a package but it is something that develops with passion and dedication over years. The key to success is not just surviving and earning Ten lakh salary per anum but it is something that you become with time and accept the life and your choice to be someone that comes out like a rising sun that just brings happiness and warmth into not just your own life but into other’s life too. Success is not something we can ask, success is simply pursuing the dream so full of heart that you become the idol of others someday. Success is not easy, it is full of lessons and challenges, but every life of those who work with faith and dedication and success is therefore far away and never empty pockets once you have that in hand.

The key to success is in our hands and we surely become successful when we do the right thing.

Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

2 thoughts

  1. True. “Money “should not be the only criteria of success . you should get job satisfaction and also enough “money” to fulfill your basic needs . . A poor poet can also earn respect but at least he needs roti kapda aur makan to live in this world . Bhuke bhajan na hoye Gopala. So I think there should be a respectable balance of job satisfaction and money . I agree with you that rat race for only “money ” is not fair.


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