Depression: Self Healing and Reality

Depression in youngsters has been a problem of great concern these days. Girls, as well as boys, are often seen visiting a psychologist and get treatment and counseling for their situation with the growing modern issues that are yet constantly changing yet a bit on setbacks for the other half of the society to accept. Sometimes there are issues that the individual is not open about with their families and friends. Some might be troubled relationships, some disgusting comments by others, issues that have been frustrating under social pressure, parental – child generation issues, etc; which all get trapped within them giving a feeling of deep sinking and hollowness.

What Causes Depression? How Can I Heal It?

It often gets tough for a while and sometimes devastating. One can feel like in a web that is consuming you and would rather make one feel as if they are standing on the dead end.

Depression does have many phases and not all of them is the difficult one. Psychologists term them in various categories and at different levels. Some can be healed while some turn into disorders and take a really long time but the fact is IT CAN BE HEALED.

Depression is in various types termed as: Major Depression, Psychotic Depression, Situational Depression, Postpartum Depression, Atypical Depression while Disorders are termed as Persistent Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. (via

These Depression categories vary from person to person and the environment in which the person is living in. The symptoms could be deadly and devastating while for few it can be healed within just a couple of counsellings. All the symptoms of Depression could be serious and can go worse through time if not treated. If you or someone else is struggling with depression it is important for them to seek medical help and counseling from professionals and discuss it with them for a better result and cure.

Some Symptoms of Depression are:

  • Excessive Crying
  • Cribbing On Life
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Not Feeling To Exert In Activities
  • Deprivation from School, College or Work
  • Weight Loss or Gain
  • Trouble in Sleeping
  • Overthinking
  • Trouble in Making Decisions
  • Getting Tired Mentally and Physically Easily
  • Feeling Guilty Over And Over for Decisions
  • Not Being Able To Hold Interest in Anything

With growing age, years, generation and modernization; depression is taking a dig in 40% of the population and the symptoms are prominent in females comparatively more than males. As in the era of modernization, media, social media, generation gap, etc is changing rather rapidly, there comes a point when one, in general, feels helpless and doesn’t understand which decision is in favor of them. At that point don’t take the decision which you are doubtful about.
Even though not all kinds of depression need medical care some might at the starting can be cured with psychological counseling and good self-care. When one neglects their condition for quite a long time and continues to live in low life condition there are chances sometimes that due to the magnified symptom issues, one could use few supplements and pills that can help one cope up with the situation. Even though depression is a tough phase of life in different intensities for different people, one must seek medical and psychological advice if you feel lost or in a tough situation to deal with the issues that are causing you stress and symptoms. It is not always important to opt for medication yet it is equally important to opt for help that can guide you through this phase. It is important for one to not do the things which cause you or the sufferer any doubt.

The person who is dealing with depression is in such a vulnerable position often that their mind plays tricks of self-doubt and self-pity which can hamper one’s self-contentment. One who goes through such phase is not just required care but also support, love and understanding atmosphere by the closed ones. This helps the sufferer to feel more content. One of the basic important this to notice here too is that Depression is not a disease that cannot be shared. People are coming forth more openly about this and depression is just like one of the other body issue that need not be brought under a stigma.

There are various ways one can overcome the fear, aloofness, and sadness one is facing if there are some few symptoms of depression that has cursed you in.

18 Facts and Hacks that Can help You Ease Depression :

  1. Drink Coffee Twice DailyCoffee
    Coffee contains caffeine that are mood boosters and natural antidepressants too. It stimulates serotonin and dopamine which acts as a mood elevator for the nervous system that is causing emotional imbalance.
  2. When You Feel Too Much Depressed, Watch A Comedy MovieMovie
    Comedy movies are one key mood soothing way to ease out your drowning feeling. Movies often engage us deep and absorb one’s conscious level to the screen. When one watches comedy shows or movies it helps to elevate mood for better.
  3. Exercise a little – Releases Toxins two woman lifting dumbbells
    photo by bruce mars on
    Research has shown that people who exercise at least 20 minutes a day maintains a much healthier body and are happier than those who don’t. Exercise helps one to reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms like insomnia and boosts mood with the production of much better Happy – Hormones.
  4. Meditate and Stay Close to Nature
    women s white top and orange floral skirtphoto by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.comStudies have shown that nature is always one of the best healers. Those who suffer from stress often should sit out in the open. The sound of birds chirping and the breeze stimulates the soothing sensation allowing us to feel better. Meditation in nature is beyond perfect too.
  5. Go On A Long Drive And Listen To Good Music
    ac cobra adult automobile automotive

    Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on

    Drives are one of the best distractions, isn’t it? It is seen that people who undergo stressful situations love to go on drives as it itself makes the vibes vibrating again. Now that is something we all knew I guess. Isn’t it?

  6. Have Chocolate When There Is A Slight Low Feeling Withinchocolates with toppersStudies have shown that chocolate especially dark chocolate is one of the best stress relievers in a budget-friendly and satisfying way. It is found that every 5th person of the 10th suffering from depression or anxiety finds it soothing to eat chocolate in times.
  7.  Spend Time With People You Love And Have A Deep TalkFriends TalkingWe often sometimes feel to confide in our cocoon and make ourselves invisible because that’s how every person in depression feels. But studies have shown that people who surround themselves with good companies get over with depression much faster than those who isolate themselves.
  8. Read Good Inspirational Booksbook shelves book stack bookcase booksA good book always helps. One who feels lost and uncertain on the issues of life should often read self-help books. There are plenty of them available and few of the best are Secret, Power of your subconscious mind, The power of now, Inner Engineering: A yogi’s guide to joy, The magic of thinking big, Life is what you make it, Alchemist, Dalai Lama Cat, etc. If you got one, you’d know what are the things that will help you out when you are lost.
  9. Watch Motivational SpeechesJL KingNow motivational speeches have shifted from politicians and businessmen to far beyond perspective by the appearance of new youtube speakers like Jay Shetty, Ellen, Ophra Winfrey, Michaele Obama, Deepika Padukone, Malala Yousafzai, etc. The internet has allowed speakers to build a platform that is helping to change the perspective of masses for stereotypes and immorality to a more stable life.
  10. Eat High Protein Diet, Maybe Chicken?chickenAccording to Mayo Clinic and WHO, those who face depression are often seen engaging themselves in more of the protein intake diet than normal people. Studies have shown the Protein again helps boost the guilt pit mood and helps one to feel elevated with more of the serotonin production that makes one feel content. But again – A healthy Balanced diet is the most suitable one.
  11. When You Overthink – Go To SleepsleepThe best way to neglect a harsh reality for a while is to ignore the soul-eating anxiety is by taking some sound sleep. It just not makes you feel calmer but slows down the heartbeat which has been causing anxiety due to hypertension or hyperactive mind.
  12. Think In A Right DirectionthinkWhen we go through a tough phase in life, we often try to indulge ourselves in things that make us feel more vulnerable. Whatever the cause it, financial loss, relationship problems, career stress or bullying in high school. Whatever you face, never let it down your guards because this is self-worth that will make you stronger. No life comes with easy-to-go phase for forever and it is important we never let our mindset cross the border of the self-worth to the enter it in self-pity. Chances are either you might get cured within a month or it might take you another 2 years. But this is the optimism and mindset which will make you go further.
  13. Take a Hot Shower Before Bed
    woman in white top
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    Studies have shown that a hot shower following up with a cold shower is a great source of refreshment and often calms down anxiety. The best way is to get a shower before bed to make yourself more comfortable and calm that could help you in sound sleep.

  14. Spend time in Self-care SpaWhat is better than self-care? It is proven that a little self-care and pampering makes you feel rejuvenated and can make you feel more positive. An appearance that looks good makes the soul feel good.
  15. Opt for a Dark Room with Body Suitable Temperature 
    book and white cup on coffee table
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    Is there anything better than a cozy room with dim lights and perfect temperature? I guess no. A darker room at night and a power nap in the noon especially in dark makes the body more energetic and refreshed. Also, there’s nothing better than the comfort zone at the end of the day.

  16.  Listen to Good Music – But NO Sad Music
    adult beautiful blur casual
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    This might seem obvious but the fact is, people with aloofness or sadness often listen to sad music which makes them more depressed. We might feel the song is for the soul but it is doing no good to us at that particular time. The best way is to listen more of the energetic song to distract the feeling and divert it into the happy zone.

  17.  Opt for Green Tea, Walks and Slumber Night with Friends to Feel Good
    woman sitting on chair by the table
    Photo by Hoang Loc on

    This is one of the best ways to end a boring and frustrating weekend. You might feel that you don’t want to meet anybody and might want to watch the shows till midnight on Netflix but why not to just change the Nobody-around feeling to a little laughter with friends at slumber? honestly, you won’t regret.

    woman posing on pier
    Photo by Allison Shannon on

    Even though everyone faces some of the other terrible phases in life, whatever happens, whether someone trusts you or not, whether someone believes in you or not, whether someone stays with you or not, NEVER let anyone down your self worth because that is the only thing that will encourage you to feel motivated and that will be the ONLY thing to bring you out of the condition. Phases come and go, but those who face it with strength and courage always wins. It might take you 1 month or 5 years, but the only thing that will make it worth later will be the NEVER GIVING UP zeal. There’s a saying in Soka Gakkai Buddhism that “The winter always turns to spring” meaning that no suffering lasts longer and the ones that do turns out to be the beautiful period because that is the circle of life.

Even if this doesn’t help, consult a doctor. Remember that DEPRESSION IS CURABLE. Live life happily and don’t let yourself down because difficulties in life make one tougher and stronger.



Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

4 thoughts

  1. A very positive, well researched n well written article!
    The information provided will help many to come out of their depression.
    My best wishes!


  2. Very nicely written article Sameeksha . Kudos to your efforts.
    Self affirmation are helpful. Always be grateful to God for your positive things . Like your personality , your parents etc. Always say to your self that you are lucky.
    You are happy.
    You are charming .
    You are blessed .
    Congratulations for your great effort . Love you.


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