How Yoga Changes Our Body Completely & We Never Get To Know

Yoga is one of the most ancient and beneficial body exercises that has ever been discovered. It comes from around the beginning of Indian Human Civilization(approximately from Ancient Bhakti Era). Yoga channels your inner body, soul and helps your body function better. Being a yoga lover, one can relate to the calmness and can feel the vibration inside your body. You not just feel lighter or vibrating but also you “feel” the goodness around you too. If you ever did yoga, you might have been able to feel the benefits of how much it affects you if you ever did yoga in your daily life. It might be possible that you would have been getting proper sleep or just been able to concentrate on your work better or in various activities.

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Research has shown that yoga not only helps a person to relax but also helps them to stay active properly as it increases the body’s ability to do activities as well as reduces the chances of ill health.

Let’s look onto the Reasons one Should perform Yoga –
The Change of Energy and Soul:

  • Attainment of soul and mind harmony.
  • Regulation of Self-Heal-Process
  • Removal of Toxins, Bad Hormones, and Stress
  • Enhances Personal Power
  • More open vibrant skin
  • Increases Attention, Memory, Focus
  • Reduces any physical or mental trauma
  • Promotes a happier mind for happier relations

Yoga also purifies your body which did accumulate toxins, balances hormones, relieves insomnia and many more. It also helps you to stay fit and active for a really long time in life as being one of the finest workouts with scientific facts.

There are a few other “A-mazing” benefits of doing yoga a day :

  1. Increases your flexibility
  2. Increases blood flow in the body
  3. Builds Muscle Strength
  4. Tones Up Body
  5. Help You Lose Weight
  6. Helps You to Concentrate on Work
  7. Improves Body Posture
  8. Prevents Body Breakdown
  9. Keeps You Healthy and Ill Free
  10. Boosts Immunity
  11. Balances Your Heart Rate
  12. Drops Your Blood Pressure
  13. Boosts Mood and Helps You Stay Happy
  14. Lower Blood Sugar
  15. Makes Bones Strong
  16. Relaxes Your Digestive System
  17. Balances Your Nervous System
  18. Helps You Sleep Better
  19. Gives Peace of Mind
  20. Increases Your Self Esteem
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As you could see the facts, now you know how much Yoga helps one body to stay fit and healthy so it also might now help you to live life healthier and in a better way. You could feel the change within your body and feel the pleasure to live life every moment. Yoga vitalizes the body and makes it healthier, calmer and strong immunity. Doing yoga at least 20 minutes a day purifies the body and flushes out toxins.

Who Can Do Yoga? 

Yoga can be done by any age group, any gender and under almost most of the diseases. It is one of those workouts that does not come with a negative side. Either if you are suffering from arthritis, pregnancy, backache, weight gain, insomnia, headache, sugar, blood-pressure – OR WHATEVER. Yoga is always do-able. There can be a chance of some particular yoga asana that might be restricted – Consult your Trainer or Doctor for confirmation but even though two or three asanas could be prohibited yet – Yoga is an all-time perfect way to a healthier lifestyle. 

Yoga is not a religion, it has no boundaries, it is a lifestyle, a way of living for a healthier body and mind. It bestows upon the equilibrium of nature with our body and soul. It regulates the energy of universe-changing our mental disorders and traumatic thoughts. It is not just a healthier way to live – It is a forever healthier and happier life.

Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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