New Journeys: 14 Contemporary Jobs to Live Your Dream

“Job” is often a term we grew up listening to or been asked about. Sometimes our parents discussed their struggle and on other hard times, we were asked what we want to be when we will grow up. After all those years that we spent trying to shift our favorite school, subject and dreams in regard to what we CAN rather what we actually wanted to be. Career selection has never been easy for the younger generation who are on the verge to start their Major in a specific college. Even when a similar question was put in front of most of us, even many of us were not sure and definitely so many are not now.

We came from the “Beige Era” as I mention it for the developing phase into the modern world. We were born in an era where all of us were transacting from black and white to the colorful world of today. Our parents, however always supported the former and even the choice of jobs that were back then. The concept was of “respected occupations” which were quite known in the society as civilized. From Government Officers to Doctors and Engineers, the choices were limited and exhausting. No wonder, yet there are none of the jobs which can out-throw or can be categorized as equal to them even right now.

The Most practiced Careers yet remains as:

  • Finance Manager
  • Accountant
  • Engineers
  • Government Officer
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teachers

But the question still exists of, “What about those who had different dreams? What about those who had a different talent?”

Today, When the world did shift from Black and Beige to the Colorful all-new Era filled with development, Modernization, and Dreams, there are way more options in hand for those who always found the concept of the job a little difficult to understand. We could have never thought that jobs can now be a part of dreams with a new amount of endless possibilities. Rather than being bored, stressed why not just binge into those new opportunities with endless dreams and promising payments?

14 Contemporary Job Options in the 21st Century to Live your Dream: 

  1. Travel Blogger

    woman standing on brown rocky mountain
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    Travel Blogger is something that our parents did tease us back then saying “Do you want to end up herding sheep and being nowhere?” well, we all know how that did sound. But the scenario did change making our parent’s worst nightmare come true. People who are travel enthusiasts can now live their dream. There are several tour companies that give opportunities to not just employees as tour guides but also pay a hefty amount to travel bloggers including travel fare to promote their brand. This has allowed tons of wanderlust souls to opt for the career they secretly always wanted.

  2. Photographer/Videographer:


    If we look around 10 years back, we’d remember how traveling or photography was said to be “pointless” and “waste” of professions. Since the variety of industries have grown, the concept has changed throughout. With the growth in Journalism, Media, Fashion and other Industries, Photographers and Videographers have come out more prominently than ever. The new industries are allowing more skilled individuals to live their travel and camera love like never before. (We heard him right?)

  3. Life Coach:

    Jay Shetty

    With the change of Eras, there are plenty of difficult and mixed-concept issues that everyone around has been facing making it challenging to adjust between right and wrong. Since modern culture has evolved there are plenty of things that were hidden or kept under the bottoms of souls. Many things were unsaid, while there are new issues clashing with old. Everyone is busy finding their journey and understanding their essence. Life Coaching has not just changed the scenario of Psychology but has given courage and solutions to tons to come out with their desires. Public Speakers and Life Coaches opted for the platform of social media to connect with others. Life Coaching jobs became highly accessible and important since many prominent faces came out with the importance and their struggle.

  4. Hair Dressers/ MUAs: 

    woman with brown hair with black top with gray background
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    Professions related to beauty, like a makeup artist, hairstylists, skincare specialist, etc were always seen as small and nasty serving jobs. With the growth in the fashion industry, fashion trends and the huge publicity of media such jobs started being more acceptable and highly admired. The growth in luxury, styles, celebrities, and the demand of the public for equally good looks made it a popular profession for beauty artists. Since 2015 Makeup and Beauty Industry started getting more acceptable and more employment rates were seen.

  5. Anchor: 

    man in white suit jacket holding phone in front of three women
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    The media growth from television to more of in hand – on desk media like smartphones and laptops through the internet has allowed more of the individuals to come forward with their public speaking and debating qualities. The Concept of media increased from Controversial Realities, Tedx, News Reporting, and Live Events to much more. Anchoring is one of those options which allow individuals with communication skills (with a pun as a bonus). Since the number of screens increased worldwide under the more powerful media coverage and tech options, it allowed a greater number of masses to participate. Now, what else can be better than being on both media and doing what you want?

  6. Instagram Influencer:

    blogger text
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    Instagram was launched as an app in 2010 and it yet seems like yesterday when we used to love this new platform. It’s been 9 years, Instagram grew to such a potential platform to reach out from hundreds to lakhs in no time. This is the one platform that somewhere supports equality of options as an individual to promote their true content  – celebrities or a common man, this is where commoners too get a chance to outshow. If you are a musician, traveler, beauty blogger, poet, journalist or just a life coach, Instagram gives a ton of opportunities helping everyone to rise in their platform.

  7. Linguist Translator or Teacher:

    photo of woman teaching
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    Languages play a key role in international trade and politics as one should know the foreign language to communicate for the purpose. If you belong to a category who wishes to be part of the growing country or business and if you got a niche in a few of the foreign languages, trust me, you can do very well with it. Politician, Businessmen, and MNCs are constantly hiring Linguists to help them communicate with foreign bodies to build a relationship. This just does not allow you to grow internationally but also allows one to travel. On the contrary, Multi-language Teachers are also widely welcomed. As a Multi-Language Teacher, you will not just be content around children by teaching but it can give you possibilities to be one in a foreign university.


  8. Social Media Manager:

    apps blur button close up
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    Social Media Managers are one of the best opportunities for social media enthusiasts. It’s quite hard to have those marketing and management skills all in one just so-right to grow a profile. If you have one of those skills, this job profile suits you the best. You just not grow but you get to be under a great management team for some good firms and prominent faces.

  9. Digital Marketing Manager:

    business close up commerce computer
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    Digital Marketing is like aiming an arrow with a blindfold on eyes, just like you don’t know where to aim, its the same way as to process a digital plan to grow the traffic. Whether the marketing plan you implement will do any good or not is unsure for most of the people, having good skills that yields good results is often rare. You got one? You now know your place.

  10. Travel Critic:

    woman and man cheering glass cup beside table during night time
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    Travelling is one of the exquisite dreams for almost every age, if you have it on top of your “to-do-list”, this can be another option. Travel Critic is one of the easiest yet effective job with great exploring possibilities. If you have the skill of good judgment, writing skills or communication skills – This job is for you. There are multiple options as to be travel critic – You can be a Food Critic, Tour Guide Critic, Blogger, Influencer, Writer, etc. People with a good amount of social media skills are often seen as the best option by the market to approach for a boost on the profile.

  11. App Developer:

    coffee writing computer blogging
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    Apps are one of the most important priorities in the technical world. The whole scenario of applications is not anywhere older than 10 years. Technological developments like Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and smartwatch gives us unlimited access to various genre of apps that easily modify and helps us to ease our work. The demand is wide and the skill needs unique ideas and a definite amount of knowledge in Computer Science. It will not be inaccurate to term yourself as “Working” while being on the mobile phone as there are endless applications that do help us in the day-to-day activities. From e-mails, calculator, entertainment shows, movies to document files and endless other applications has simplified our daily significant tasks into a much simpler form.

  12. PR:

    two person shaking each others hands
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    PR is yet one of the terms which are not familiar with youngsters. Well, PR is a Public Relations Job which requires one to maintain decorum and balance between clients and the company slash person you are working for. PR jobs are equally demanding with the growing amount of work and businesses. The courses are widely available in universities with the amount of demand for a suitable candidate to build a healthy relationship. It almost seems like one of the necessities in the market to maintain the source of your work. PR jobs are again one of the finest jobs that helps you explore alongside bigger firms and faces.

  13. Product Designer:

    flat lay photography of macbook pro beside paper
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    Product designing is once again one of the job profiles that is interlinked to the media, digital marketing, business and the house of arts to grow the business by producing designs that can be built to be sold in the industry. Just as rare these designs should be, it is an equally challenging and self-appealing job for the ones who got their hands proficient in designing and skills of business. Again, there are plenty of corporate companies that require such unique candidates who can build creative products with challenges onto the head with a wide variety already available. This is equally a unique job profile for unique talents out there.

  14. Content Producer:

    people coffee meeting team
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    Content production is one of those jobs which allows you to create content with various designs, formats, with a highly unique idea to boost the product and the company. Content production is a highly collaborative job in the firm one works with various amount of fields like photography, digital designing, product designing, writing/editorials, social media, videography and website making. These jobs need a huge amount of creativity and skill to execute. Another job that can boost the business skills of with one side of your creativity.

It might seem one of the difficult tasks for the young aspirants to decide what field could define them perfectly but with the number of options available it can either be easy to live your dream or can be quite difficult to choose due to the huge variety. With the rather growing industries of technology, media, business, fashion, arts, etc there are endless sub-categories of the job profile one can opt for. These fields are rather a path opener to those who thought it was an impossible task to earn with the hobby or skill you were good at. These job profiles do not just bring up the possibilities to earn a better living but also can help you achieve your dreams.

It might seem challenging to few while confusing for rest, but the job made out with passion, talent, hard work, and skills can do no bad rather a passion turned into work yields the best results ever.

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Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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