Rape Cases: Punishments, Inhumanity and Reality of the Victim Side

Rape cases are one of the most common crimes in the World against Women. According to NCRB, 24,000 cases were reported in 2012 whereas 90% of the victims knew the rapist. Rape cases have grown from 24000 a year to more than 40000. The stats are huge and justice is very less.

It pains to search about the reality of cases out there whereas every hour you will find 3 cases to be registered out of 10 to be in actual stats. Which is far devastating to refresh and read over and over again. Rape, Molestation, Eve Teasing, Public Harassment has become such a tragic flaw in societies worldwide that sometimes some of us do not wish to talk about this, but this is important now to speak on this issue openly.

Without a single statement overall, let’s just understand the depth of rape: It isn’t just molestation of body, harassment of individuality or murdering someone. Rather it was not enough, Rapists have also sowed the seed of the ugliest crime in the history of mankind. This is Inhumanity. This act somewhere has grown due to society’s support to male chauvinism which boosts their ego and makes the society understand that they can rule women or anyone as they are the supreme species – these are the ones who are the main culprit here. A little boost in male ego can either make you a great man or a rapist. And looking at that toll sums up that it is ending up making them the latter. If only we would have always brought up our women not just with equality but taught men to respect them, our society wouldn’t have grown to such an extent filled with barbarous acts.

According to data, in every minute around 20 women in the world faces harassment in a way of either call outs, eve teasing, public molestation or something as worst as rape. We need to understand that when such 1 case in 2 months arises that shatter us down, there are 98% of such cases which are never reported due to society’s fear of getting cast out. We are supposed to understand the depth of seriousness here.

Even though we march with candles on the street to protest against such heinous crime, we yet tend to ignore those who were somewhere victim. When we encounter someone like that we ignore them with pity, disgust or somewhere because our family said so. If marching with candles is something your gut is restoring faith in humanity then you all are living in a distressed realm where you know what could help those women and kids out there is by only “Compassion and Support”. Yet ignoring the basic acts we ourselves do on a daily basis around others, we are somewhere contributing in the mentality of such acts too. We are the only one who treats women wrong, we are the only one who calls them out with names never understanding to be hampering their image. We ourselves judge women because of their clothes. We condemn our daughters-in-law and pamper our daughters. We do politics in shows and offices to bring other workers and contestants down. What are we doing? What is society trying to do? Do you want to stand for equality and safe future of your women or not? Do you want to make men understand the fear of what terrible could happen if they even “DISRESPECTED” women casually on the street? We need strict laws.

Since 2009 – The rape cases reported have grown by 300 percent all over the world whereas 277 percent is itself of Juveniles(under 18). According to a survey every year there are around 20 thousand cases in India and more than 2 Lakh cases around the globe. THAT IS A BIG ISSUE! We only get to read about those who dare to come openly and ask for justice. 80% of the cases are curbed down by families, 10% end their lives and 7-8% are minors who do not understand until their adulthood. Only 2-3% of cases are openly talked about and brought in the limelight. The truth is terrible.

India – We call it the land of mother earth! We call it our mother nature. We define it with grace and pride. We call ourselves proud citizens of it but then, why are the Rape cases so inevitably high on the same land? Why does our Mother-India is said to be the most unsafe land for women? Why are Rape cases the highest here? Why can’t we stand with our women?? Why can’t we make laws that no matter whatever the support rapists have – if he is accused and found guilty, it is important for him to suffer from severe punishment?

In various countries, the punishment of Rape is way too severe and also torturous:

  • In France – 15 Years of Life Imprisonment or Death Penalty
  • In North Korea – They Shoot the Victim with Gun in front of masses
  • In China – The Spinal Cord is Shot Joining the Neck
  • In Saudi Arabia – The HEAD IS SEPARATED among the masses to learn respect women
  • Egypt: The Convict is Hanged within few hours once proven Guilty
  • Iran: They Hang them in Public
  • Norway: 8 – 15 Years of Life Imprisonment depending upon the Crime
  • USA – Imprisonment of Life


We need to Understand that Candle Marches will not stop these low lives from exploiting women. We need strict laws that can kill the lust and rapists inside those men who are willingly seeking a chance to disrespect women or are without fear of getting caught. It is also important for women to learn to be safe by either self-defense or keeping safety measures with them. We live in a society where families celebrate the birth of a male child while what really is important right now is that we teach our children, brothers, and friends to respect women. We need to understand that we need a revolution. We need to stand for our own selves. If you call India your Motherland, mother nature and so then also, it is to be remembered that she is the mother we respect because she stands for herself. It is important for mothers and fathers to make their girls bold and safe. Keeping your girl inside four walls with the fear of this difficult time thinking you are protecting them is not a real deal of protection. Such protection makes women and little girls vulnerable, timid, fearful and will only provoke more of the men out there. It is important to accept women with such sensitive pasts with utmost compassion and grace without any differences. We need to let them live normal lives so that they know to build themselves strong.

Nobody can make one safe until you feel safer within your own self. It is also important for schools to give self-defense training to girls as basic education in such times of need. It might look a wrong way but until women are not protected with their own selves, such criminals will always keep looking at them as vulnerable.

It pains to see incidents of Aligarh and Kathua, who were way too fragile to even speak properly. It is important to stand for yourself and your kind now. It is either now or never. Forget Religion, Castism, Tradition, Nationality for Once! Stand for Humanity. Stand for Justice! Stand for Right vs Wrong.

#CriminalsAreCriminals End of Story.

Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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