Why Is It Important To Focus On Desires Rather Than Temporary Goals

There’s a saying that “A person pulling down another, is the one who is willing to go up”. If it might take a little while for people to understand is a quality life. However, some still are in pain because somewhere deep down, they are unhappy with the superficial success of temporary goals. Just the way every one of us is surrounded with struggles whether it is health, relationship, financial or personal growth – We still somewhere end up being a part of someone’s pain and struggles. It’s nature’s cycle, that’s what karma works on, that’s what life runs on. But have you ever thought about the intentions that might affect someone adversely and could affect you too? I am not here writing about karma or something today, that is your research. This is about how, even though we all want peace, we are part of their pain by intentionally or unintentionally.

I recently opened a poll into multiple sites including few social media sites, which asked about conditions of people they are struggling with. Many of the polls ended up with quite a big percentage regarding stress, depression, financial issue, or self-worth. But what nobody cared for was the ‘Health’ which, however, is a very important factor to have a long time goal.


While in today’s world everyone is so busy trying to live a better, luxurious, and renowned life that within all this, we are forgetting that a better living first starts with a sense of mental peace. We forget about health and emotional stability with a constant inner struggle to go after goals which somewhere for few are not even passion but rather a source of living.

While I was assessing the polls I further realized that a second poll might be a good option to throw a better light over the issues. Later the same day, I put up another poll, of what things are troubling them – The answers to a great extent ended up with the dilemma of balance in life and constant struggle to have a better living. Some also, commented with the issue they are dealing with is related to gossip and endless struggle of self-worth and to prove themselves.

Let’s be honest, is thinking about “How can I change my life so that I will be desirable” actually making you at peace?

Someone once, said, “Until our eyes are shining to Sun and the Stars, we would live with a happy heart”.

All the beauty standards, quick success tricks, doing a job that might get the attraction of others and not being who you are is something we should worry about. Are we living for ourselves or others? What makes us happy is none of the factors of discussion.

It is a deep reality which we never agree on. Somewhere we want to make ourselves desirable, while somewhere if we are unable to be for our goal, we end up with stress and lack of desires in life. Instead of worrying about what we can do in with our lives potentially, we end up focusing on the outer image.


Dalai Lama once said “Our mind registers everything that we feel, live and happen to us no matter how small. There it is necessary we bring happiness and peace the most inside our head”.

Success is not about living life what others think is perfect. Happiness doesn’t lay in having hands-on a huge amount of money. If you have to do things that are not bringing you happiness, whether financially or emotionally, we must think about what is our true passion. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata, Mary Kom, Sachin Tendulkar, Bob Marley were not born with the best lives but ended with one.

Let a few things be from the heart. Success is being happy and respected of what you have passion for. Happiness is in living the moments that might change in the next 2 years so that we could say cherish those even if we struggled. Love is for someone who can connect from your heart to your mental state and let you be for who you are. Friendship is something we are proud of when they find success or happiness – someone who could stay with us at bad times. The Perfect Job isn’t about what others think of perfect but what your heart wanted to do since the starting, which brings out passion and happiness in the work you do.

Perfection is a Myth. Life is always messed up, but at the most unstable times, only peace from within can help us grow and go on forward. Nobody’s state of mind or nobody’s word defines who we are or what we are here for. It’s our mission and once you are into it, you won’t stop doing it.


To the ones out there, the world is already on the verge of wars, epidemic, depression wave, terrorism, and crimes. Can we just let our feelings be true at least? We never know who is struggling with what. We do not know what is happening around others or inside our own selves. So, what are the goals for then if we don’t even know tomorrow?

Peace is a state of mind and our actions help change that. It doesn’t come from outside, it reflects from our intentions to back us.




Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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