What We Want vs/ What We Do – The True Peace

There’s a saying that “A dog scares another dog is also a dog who wants the same bone”. If it might take a little tough for people to understand, it means that everyone who wants a happy life still is responsible for someone’s pain because somewhere deep down, they are unhappy. Just the way everyone of us is surrounded with struggles whether it is health, relationship, financial or personal growth – We still somewhere end up being with part of someone’s pain and struggles. It’s nature’s cycle, that’s what karma works on, that’s what life runs on. But have you ever thought about the intentions that might affect someone adversely and could affect you too? I am not here writing about karma or something today, that is your research. This is about how, even though we all want peace, we are part of their pain by intentionally or unintentionally talking about them, degrading their image, exploiting someone’s feeling for our gain, chasing the dream by using someone’s friendship, living on other’s peace term, and so on.

I recently opened a poll into multiple sites including few social media sites, which asked about conditions of people they are struggling with. Someone said stress, someone said depression, someone said financial issue, someone said friendship issues, someone said image issues, someone said freedom while someone said self-worth. But what nobody cared for was HEALTH.


While in today’s world everyone is so busy trying to live a better, luxurious, and renowned life that within all this, we are forgetting the thing that is needed most to be successful and live a better life. We forget about health. The basic, most basic element.

Later the same day, I put up another poll, of what things are troubling them – What all ended up someone was what other’s talk about them. And then I realized, it’s half of the reason why we are stressed. We continuously think of what might other’s think of us. How shall we attract that potential partner, how everyone must like our personality, how much people should respect us with the kind of job we do, how much money I can acquire to own everything I can then flaunt. But, is thinking about “How can I change my life so that I will be desirable” actually making you at peace?

Someone once, said, “Till Health is Flaunting the Sun to the Stars, We Would Live the Way We Want”.

All the beauty standards, Quick success tricks, Doing a job that might get the attraction of others and not being who you are is something we should worry about. Are you living for yourselves or others? What makes us happy is being actually happy not being someone that others might be happy to talk to.

It is a deep reality which we never agree on. Somewhere we want to make ourselves desirable, while somewhere if we are unable to be what we want to truly give us mental stress. Instead of worrying about what we can do in our lives or about ourselves, we defame someone else sometimes with complexities and insecurities of not being better or maybe for trying to be next better if they went out of line. Somewhere we worry about being perfect in other’s eye rather than being happy and peaceful from your own self.  Not much of the stairs to success eeh?


Dalai Lama once said “Our mind registers everything that we feel, live and happens to us no matter how small. There it is necessary we bring happiness and peace the most inside our head”.

Success is not about living the life what others think is perfect. Happiness doesn’t lay in having tons of money if you have to do things that are not bringing you happiness. Love is not finding the partner your family will accept. Friendship isn’t what we must think to do before or which of them can help us. The Perfect Job isn’t for gaining respect.

Let a few things be from the heart. Success is being happy and respected of what you have passion for. Happiness is living the moments that might change in the next 2 years so that we could say “Nostalgiac”. Love is for someone who can connect from your heart to your mental state and let you be for who you are. Friendship is something we are proud of when they find success or happiness – someone who could stay with us at bad times. The Perfect Job isn’t about what others think of perfect but what your heart wanted to do since the starting, which brings out passion and happiness in the work you do.

Perfection is a Myth. Life sometimes gets messed up, but at the most unstable times, only peace from within can help us grow and go on forward. Nobody’s state of mind or nobody’s word defines us.


“She is mean. He is irritating.” “She did this-He did that” and the unstoppable mindsets, assumptions, rumors, gossips do not define who you truly are. What defines ourselves is when our consciousness knows we are doing fine. Yes we live in a society and help each other to grow, we are responsible, yes were give and receives pain, yes we break up and split but what here is immoral is, when we should “Talk” and “Explain” a particular situation and do something with morals or end a relationship on good note, we avoided being at fault or to express emotions or felt embarrassed asking for help, etc. Doing ugly things we ourselves do not allow others to believe the reality we performed changing words of reality when asked to us.

To the ones out there, the world is already on the verge of wars, epidemic, depression wave, terrorism, and crimes. Can we just let our feelings be true at least? We never know who is struggling with what. We do not know what is happening around another side of the world and what climatic wave hits in the next 100 days or who might lose their life. Save yourselves from guilt. From the temporary hatred, you are transferring to them TO the guilt that might drown you one day in.

Nobody’s perfect. Not everything will be acceptable. Even if you do what is desirable you’ll find the others still talking about how “BAD” was the arrangement of the party. So if you just have one life, why not do things that might bring you joy? When you have only one life, why to make someone feel inferior or hurt their feelings? Why make it more unbearable for them to live? Sometimes we just speak and do not know the reality, we raise voice for wrong but aren’t we too somewhere doing something similar to someone or ourselves? Did you too? Maybe now it is possible to be happy if we show the mirror to our souls.


Peace is a state of mind and our actions help change that. It doesn’t come from outside, it reflects from our intentions to back us.



Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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