Corona Virus: Where India Stands

Before we can proceed to create a more chaotic environment with fear and violence, let me be very clear that this article is based on facts of the harsh realities that are not said out loud. Here I am trying to throw some light on why it is important to know all about the Chinese Virus aka COVID – 19 or Corona Virus.


We all are familiar with it and we know how much chaos and fear it has cost to people not just physically, mentally, or emotionally but monetarily too.

Each day on average for the past one week, the number of patients is increasing to an average of 1500 and the total number of Total Patients now are 37,520 with the death toll at 1230 (acc. to data from Worldometer on 2nd May 2020) whereas the most infected States are Maharashtra, Gujarat Delhi, and Rajasthan crossing over 4000 cases. While in Maharashtra and Gujarat the cases have crossed over 10,000 and over 2500 in Delhi and Rajasthan.

In this post, I will just not be covering the thoughts rather a detailed report and history of how India’s health with such a crisis in 1896 too. I will be sharing factors of why we should be concerned and an economic report, thoughts that experts have laid and resources from various sources to help you understand the depth of the situation.

Why India Can’t Afford Corona? Honestly, there is not just one factor rather many. India does not have enough resources medically and funds to cope up with this situation. The lockdown we all secretly are cussing just does not anyhow support the economical condition of India. We are dealing with a life-threatening virus that can devastate the whole country if not controlled at the right time.

The forefront warriors of India like Media, doctors, nurses, and police are all over the place trying to control the worst of the repercussions that we would have to deal with if we did not stop our insanity and got disciplined according to precautions that the government and doctors are providing us.

INDIA is the second-largest population and can not afford the “stage 3 crisis” in any form. It would not just be impossible but a challenge that would end millions of lives with a go.

  • Corona Virus spread in the land of the second largest population of the world is going to destroy the functioning of the Indian economy and daily-lives.
  • India consists of a total population of 1.21 billion and in number, it is – 1,210,854,977 which is according to the 2011 census. (2011! We are in 2020 – Let’s just get that in our heads)

The last most deadly virus that killed not just thousands of masses but rather in lakhs was the Bubonic plague. We can barely imagine the situation of the epidemic but Our Government managed to control the spread even in the year 1896. Indian Government first laid down the Epidemic Disease Act in 1897 after the widespread Bubonic plague that devastated Mumbai in 1896. Our country faced endless deaths and formed basic precautions that could be helpful and so it did. After years, now, we are on a much severe platform with a pandemic that is widespread across the whole world. In such times, the Indian Government is re-applying the “Act” laid down then, to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona Virus.


Cases 2020 May

The virus has spread across the globe in the form of tourists and other supplies. However, even though there is NO PROPER VACCINE currently, countries like India and the UK have found certain antidotes to cure the disease. The vaccine according to the report might take at least another 4-5 months of span and the crucial moment begins under the seasonal change. According to a report, cold places and cold food items have the potential to multiply a single virus, and those countries on the Equator dealing harsh summers are doing no good in either way.


Doctors and Police in India are highly at risk of being infected with the Corona Virus. There have been instances when there are not enough supplies of masks as a basic facility for these Corona warriors as they are busy protecting the common masses. Under the circumstances, a large number of Women warriors are also seen working and not backing off because of their families.

Facts and Concerns We Must Be Worrying About:

  • Situational Reality: Corona Virus is a disease that spreads with human contact, and with all the violent practices that are held on the lives of our Corona Warriors is, at last, going to impact not just you, but also to those you are living with. How?
    – Let’s just assume, you sadly got in contact with a person at a ration store who was infected. You thought you are keeping yourself well protected with all the sanitized hands and masks and gloves. But are you really?
    – In the second situation, you come home, and forget to take a bath or sanitize the essentials and keep your keys, wallet, and phone on a table. Maybe you are infected, and that same phone has been picked by your 10 years daughter to play a game.
    – Who are you keeping safe by pelting stones on the doctors and police officers? No one.
  • India’s literacy rate is said to be 74% (acc. to 2011 census) but yet, we all are in a denial and assuming we are at a healthy state. It is our responsibility to get ourselves checked before we infect those we love and live with if we find ourselves a bit uncomfortable or has any relevant symptom.
  • Our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi Ji is trolled severely on social media for locking down and trying to keep India united with his tasks. But sadly he is being targetted by minorities just because of his certain beliefs. But, on a note of the “crisis” of human life, we are forgetting to focus on the basic and that is to “keep ourselves safe” and follow the law and order during the lockdown.
  • I have certainly noticed people at ration stores, buying materials, and stocking up for months. While we should be prepared, we are however risking it over by visiting the stores daily and stocking unnecessary items that might be required for other families too.
  • The easiest target for Corona are those with weak immunity and that is why doctors have been prescribing to not eat food from the market or chains and rather engage ourselves into productive ways, eating healthy, and build our immunity. A cup of hot water twice a day, vitamins, a healthy lifestyle and a cleaned atmosphere could help enough to cope up with this deadly virus.

    Economic Concerns and A Research:

  • For those who are Economically concerned, Re-opening the economical market amid the corona pandemic is going to backfire on not just lives but will destroy the basic economy into much worse form.
    – Those who are owning small scale start-ups are devastated during the lockdown as their factories are not producing enough material that could be put back in the market. This has indeed put their monthly cycle on a slowdown.
    Industries related to Construction, Beauty, and Technology are doomed and shutting down as there are not enough buyers amid the crisis. The businesses will impact to attract consumers in the hard times for the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Assuming the country re-opens the economic market with a hope to re-launch daily lives, (which is going to be totally devastating), is not going to rather boom the sales or businesses but would however make the lives into more danger which can, at last, grow the number of cases. Weighing these strategies on human costs is not a bright idea.
  • Recession is a reality, and India’s current growth has fallen to somewhere <2%. According to a report produced by CNBC, IMF has predicted that India’s growth rate will grow to 7.4% by the mid of 2021 on certain Conditions and Strategies. IMF also predicts 12-18 months while experts say that for the things to open up, India will not take long and might get on the track of growth due to growing domestic and economic demand for Healthy living.According to the report and the analysis to come true, certain tips have been granted by the Chief of IMF which follows, 1. Control on the outbreak of Corona Virus  2. Production of Materials that the World now is concerned about.
  • Also, the lack of confidence in China might take a toll on world production for not just today but for years. At such times, benefits come in the hands of other production countries and houses like India.Many countries are facing a global crisis and have already started to make plans to pull their production facilities out of China & into India. which will create more opportunities for the labor class in India and other economically backward having a chance to grow which will ultimately benefit the GDP.
  • So what are the other key points according to the report?
    – Salgado (IMF –  Mission Chief) added that the future of the Indian economy will grow rapidly if we focus on more vulnerable businesses that have the potential to grow.
  • Businesses focused on Organic products, Healthy food items, Organic vegetables, and other agriculture industry will itself be demanded.

But, just-in-case we forgot the present scenario, the above mentioned are the post-lockdown plan which might form a pace only after the pandemic is controlled. The media is covering the riots and there are tons of misinformed messaged that are taking rounds over the Whatsapp that are based either to aggravate violence or fear.

This article might be quite harsh for few, but yes we all are living in a harsh reality. Dooming our lives, just because we are not in support of a certain medical test with a thought of being boycotted or other mindsets will only cause issues to our lives. It is rather our responsibility to come forward if we do not feel medically fit and take all the precautions. The helpline numbers are available and only the self-analysis will stop this spread and will allow us to have our normal lives back.


Sources: , LA Times, Economic Times, Aljazeera,, Financial Times & CNBC

Author: Samiksha Arora

A human with some Humanitarian Characteristics. Samiksha is an English Lit Graduate with Diploma in Content Production and Diploma in Creative Writing. She has also been a Blogger and an English Trainer.

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