Depression: Self Healing and Reality

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Depression in youngsters has been a problem of great concern these days. Girls, as well as boys, are often seen visiting a psychologist and get treatment and counseling for their situation with the growing modern issues that are yet constantly changing yet a bit on setbacks for the other half of the society to accept. Sometimes there are issues that the individual is not open about with their families and friends. Some might be troubled relationships, some disgusting comments by others, issues that have been frustrating under social pressure, parental – child generation issues, etc; which all get trapped within them giving a feeling of deep sinking and hollowness.

What Causes Depression? How Can I Heal It?

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Money as Assuarance? The truth of Survival

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When we talk about Money, what first comes to our mind are necessities, needs, wishes, desires, and luxury. It is something generally people work for. It is something general mass is more focused on than that the other essential things in life. A basic concept is being made by all our parents and elders that money is a very important thing to have a normal life even if you earn a lakh package. Honestly, it is.

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The Ordinary Success and The Real Success – Both are in Your Hands

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When we think of Success, what comes to our mind straight away is money. So let me ask a question to you, is money actually a success Or being successful in your dream is actually a success?

Let’s have a little peek into a century back when there wasn’t a race to earn a lot of money but to fulfill needs and have a content life. Let’s again have a peek to half a century back when the market was organizing for the race to begin. And Today, let’s …. Read Full